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Sports marketing is one of the traditional marketing segments that uses sport as a means of aggregating, strengthening, building, expanding and preserving an image of creation, personality, brand or product.

Flavio jose na corrida do Mundial Ironman 70.3 Vegas 2013

Flavio jose na corrida do Mundial Ironman 70.3 Vegas 2013

Main  benefits

Image Strengthening
Brand Strengthening
Spontaneous Media Return
Conquest and market maintenance
Marketing of relationship
Serve as a communication tool
Add values to the brand and / or image
Increase public recognition
Give credibility to the brand and / or image

Why be a Sponsor?
Important companies include sponsorship and promotions at sporting events as key parts of their marketing plans, targeting essentially Class A, B and C audiences. This is a worldwide trend that combines creativity with new ways of achieving the goal and heart of the Target consumers who have direct contact with their brand.


Why be a Athlete Sponsor?
Sport is increasingly the new global passion. It generates exaltation, intense loyalty and rapturous debates. It produces more and more opportunities in the business world. Sports Marketing is a modern and powerful tool for bringing business goals to surprising measurable results.

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